The best investment these days

When you follow up on current economic developments probably end up worrying about what’s coming ahead of us, where to invest your money for a secure future. One investment specialist says this, the other forum recommends that, and everything keeps … Continue reading The best investment these days

Hormones that your buttocks secrete

Being skinny is not all. Benefits of growing volume when volume comes from muscle instead of fat, out-weight the benefits of being skinny.   It has a very simple reason, skeletal muscle secrets potent hormones and molecules. And because the … Continue reading Hormones that your buttocks secrete

Purple pate to warm you up

This dark purple pate will speed up your metabolism. Why? It gets its colour from anthocyanin, a water-soluble pigment that has been associated with anti-ageing properties. When you see this colour or the shades of blue on naturally occurring vegetables and fruits, you can be sure they will help your urinary tract health, bone formation, memory and metabolism. If you are curious of what other colours can do to you, find a summary in a former article here. This pate is receiving its dominating colour from red cabbage. Cabbage being a goitrogen make the version of simmered cabbage instead of raw if you have any kind of thyroid issues. … Continue reading Purple pate to warm you up

Klara’s favorite

Klara (41) couldn’t sleep without socks, constipated, found her hair everywhere on the couch, by the end of the day she felt completely waisted, had a period in every 3 weeks, and she found the worst of all that she gained 5 kg in half year regardless how careful she though she was with food. Her blood test indicated low thyroid functions, and for her biggest surprise her specialist turned to her and said that she can try changing her lifestyle first, she has a little time before medication is necessary and gave her half year for the next check up. That’s how … Continue reading Klara’s favorite

Dr. V. conquered breast cancer twice, now she says: Never fear breast cancer again

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, chiropractor lived healthy, and for her biggest surprise she conquered breast cancer not only once, but twice. She shares her learnings and the way she dealt with this scary disease including her mistakes she made on the road in her book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally. She says that according to studies those taking synthetic thyroid medication are twice as likely to develop breast cancer down the line. She also says it’s not that much because the synthetic drug itself, which does the job, but it does not get to the root cause, like high cortisol levels, which … Continue reading Dr. V. conquered breast cancer twice, now she says: Never fear breast cancer again