Hormones that your buttocks secret

Being skinny is not all. Benefits of growing volume when volume comes from muscle instead of fat, out-weight the benefits of being skinny.   It has a very simple reason, skeletal muscle secrets potent hormones and molecules. And because the … Continue reading Hormones that your buttocks secret

Those little voices in the head

Yesterday I heard little voices doubting in Me. That “I shouldn’t have laughed so much when I talked to X”, and “I could ‘ve got into trouble when …” and I saw a violent scene in front of my eyes, etc. And as I was listening to these inner voices with a level of surprise, I said to myself “This can’t be true suddenly, I toke it all as innocent then and there, when they were happening… “ And I realised that my period was going to come. This subtle symptom of doubting, questioning and worrying inner voices in the head is not called PMS yet. … Continue reading Those little voices in the head