3 Things That Will Never Be The Same Again

As this trend is surrounding us, we realised that this can make it possible to bring the benefits of Endo-Gym® to more homes. We realised that this way women who normally couldn’t have learned the exercises and techniques that can … Continue reading 3 Things That Will Never Be The Same Again

Sexual Optimisation

One of the mothers in my son’s school is happened to be a plastic surgeon. She’s obviously on the top of anti ageing medical therapies. And my love is a molecular biologist. Last week on the yearly big school party, along a glass of beer (unfortunately for my waistline…) the four of us, two fathers and two mothers, we were discussing the future of medicine. It’s stem sell treatment, no doubt. However, we need to wait another twenty years to enjoy its full capacity the experts say. Stem cells are primitive cells, can turn either into the target tissue cell, … Continue reading Sexual Optimisation