Dr. V. conquered breast cancer twice, now she says: Never fear breast cancer again

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, chiropractor lived healthy, and for her biggest surprise she conquered breast cancer not only once, but twice. She shares her learnings and the way she dealt with this scary disease including her mistakes she made on the road in her book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally. She says that according to studies those taking synthetic thyroid medication are twice as likely to develop breast cancer down the line. She also says it’s not that much because the synthetic drug itself, which does the job, but it does not get to the root cause, like high cortisol levels, which … Continue reading Dr. V. conquered breast cancer twice, now she says: Never fear breast cancer again

Balancing exercises to overcome cortisol dysregulations. See Endo-Gym.com

Instead of Burnout Get over Cortisol Dysregulations

One of your stress hormones, the alfa hormone cortisol may be low or high, you think. In reality it can be low when it should be high and/or high when it should be low, or low usually or high most … Continue reading Instead of Burnout Get over Cortisol Dysregulations

Mind-Blowing Potential to Resolve Climate Crisis

Planting billions of trees is the cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis, scientists are saying in the ETH-Zurich Institute. Crowther and his team have been calculating how much trees and possibly where should be planted quickly, without encroaching on … Continue reading Mind-Blowing Potential to Resolve Climate Crisis

What your nail polish says about You

After all fashion runways showed mixing up colours for the summer this year, pop colour and the colour trend is yellow (Aspen Gold, Pastel Yellow, Turmeric, and Lemon Verbena) among all the pastels and rich, warm shades of autumnal colours. You can certainly find dark and light shades for your nail polish to harmonise your nails with your outfit. And what kind of message are you going to signal with these colours to your surrounding that unconsciously we all do understand? What are you telling about YOU with your colour choices on the nails? Black and very dark shades of nail … Continue reading What your nail polish says about You

Sexual Optimisation

One of the mothers in my son’s school is happened to be a plastic surgeon. She’s obviously on the top of anti ageing medical therapies. And my love is a molecular biologist. Last week on the yearly big school party, along a glass of beer (unfortunately for my waistline…) the four of us, two fathers and two mothers, we were discussing the future of medicine. It’s stem sell treatment, no doubt. However, we need to wait another twenty years to enjoy its full capacity the experts say. Stem cells are primitive cells, can turn either into the target tissue cell, … Continue reading Sexual Optimisation

Progesterone, See the world through pink glasses

After my memorable experience with progesterone -most likely overdose, see former post-, I was asking around in my circles whether someone else experienced anything close to similar with natural progesterone cream: For a short while, until I fell asleep I saw the world through pink glasses. I heard many different stories. My question is most likely yours: is there a way to trust that next time I use the cream, I will have something like this again? (If a bit lighter, I’m still OK… ) Or, when and how much you have to use from the cream to get fully … Continue reading Progesterone, See the world through pink glasses

Best Drugs On Earth / I.

Last Friday night my mind was spinning around some happenings, couldn’t fall asleep. After an hour I started to worry. The number of possible sleeping hours were drastically shrinking, and after 1.5 hour I saw my brain shrinking, too, if I would miss sleeping at least 7 hours. I can’t recall having something like this. This is not normal, I agreed. And without any doubt I grabbed a tube of cream. I got it from one of the girls more than a year ago. She planned to use it to balance off her oestrogen dominance, but her skin developed allergic … Continue reading Best Drugs On Earth / I.