Stretching makes you prone to injuries. Not all types, get clarity.

Studies show that most injuries occur during eccentric contraction within normal range of motion. With stretching you increase your range of motion, further more you increase your pain tolerance. Both indicate that you are more likely to get injured after … Continue reading Stretching makes you prone to injuries. Not all types, get clarity.

Can you get more flexible as you age or only stiffer?

4 strategies how you can get more flexible, even after 50: Getting soar and stiff with age is bigger than you think. It makes you prone to injuries, can restrict you from certain activities, and it looks simply old, when you eventually can’t tight your own shoelaces. On the other hand it looks gracious and young, when each little bone of yours is part of the the move you are taking, like a tiger. If we women don’t notice a change in flexibility earlier, arounf 50 we do. Estrogen plays a huge role in elasticity of our muscles, joints and … Continue reading Can you get more flexible as you age or only stiffer?

Come and Twist Again

Twists are releasing tension, therefore they are highly recommended when you’ve been exposed to stress for a long time. Let’s be precise, when you’ve been thinking that things are not going well around you, which is often matter of perception. You find a conflict at work disturbing, threatening even, whereas it’s nothing serious reality, certainly it doesn’t put your life in danger. Yet your system has one way to react, pushing stress hormones out to the blood stream, brain and limbs to prepare you for flight or fight to protect your life. Sometimes, on the other hand, you are not … Continue reading Come and Twist Again

Impressive yet Easy and even Beneficial

When you want to calm down and regain your inner balance, you want to pick a balance exercise to practice. Due to the level of concentration it requires not to fall, and due to the slowed down breathing to help focusing, you slow down cortisol release and relax your adrenal glands. Do it in the evenings or after stressful meetings. This position is good for beginners, too, because it’s far more easier than it looks, yet, it’s so impressive that it quickly gives you pride and satisfaction. Here while balancing you are stretching your quads, twisting your spine, opening your … Continue reading Impressive yet Easy and even Beneficial

What You Can Get From This Simple Side Stretch

Standing poses in general are poses that involve the entire body and not only prepare you for more complicated ones but they also teach you to move in an integrated way. Especially as a beginner, but in any stage, spend some time with them, because they build the strength and endurance over time through practice, that you will need if you want to practice more complicated poses. They create a balance between strength and flexibility. Beyond the feet they especially increase power and mobility in the hips. When you do this side stretch right it gives your pelvic organs a … Continue reading What You Can Get From This Simple Side Stretch