Come and Twist Again

Twists are releasing tension, therefore they are highly recommended when you’ve been exposed to stress for a long time. Let’s be precise, when you’ve been thinking that things are not going well around you, which is often matter of perception. You find a conflict at work disturbing, threatening even, whereas it’s nothing serious reality, certainly it doesn’t put your life in danger. Yet your system has one way to react, pushing stress hormones out to the blood stream, brain and limbs to prepare you for flight or fight to protect your life. Sometimes, on the other hand, you are not … Continue reading Come and Twist Again

Balance and train your Core

You want to relax your adrenal glands, calm your nerves down, and you need to strengthen all just in a little time. Go for this exercise. In yoga it’s called the boat or Navasana. You would think all you need for balancing in this position, is abs. Yet what you need more here is your psoas that goes underneath your abdominal muscles and you will also strengthen your quads and abs eventually. Psoas is a pair of symmetric deep core muscle, as huge as nearly your wrists, that originates from the two sides of your spine at your lower back, … Continue reading Balance and train your Core

Impressive yet Easy and even Beneficial

When you want to calm down and regain your inner balance, you want to pick a balance exercise to practice. Due to the level of concentration it requires not to fall, and due to the slowed down breathing to help focusing, you slow down cortisol release and relax your adrenal glands. Do it in the evenings or after stressful meetings. This position is good for beginners, too, because it’s far more easier than it looks, yet, it’s so impressive that it quickly gives you pride and satisfaction. Here while balancing you are stretching your quads, twisting your spine, opening your … Continue reading Impressive yet Easy and even Beneficial

Headstand with leg variation

According to Hatha Yoga traditions, inversions revitalise the whole system. They are cleansing and nourishing the body at the deepest levels. Yoga masters say that the entire physical system, under control of the brain, is energised and nourished as the brain is washed clean by the increased blood flow and flooded with rich new ingredients. Inversions improve circulation and lymph drainage, they nourish cells in the face, they ameliorate intestinal sluggishness by improving digestion and elimination. They are marvellous aid to sleep. (1) One of my yoga teachers (Etka AnyĆ³) said that 5 minutes inversion a day makes you a … Continue reading Headstand with leg variation

For Cortisol Dysregulations This Will Help

Balance exercises are helping concentration skills, both physical and mental stability, as well as physical and mental poise. For stability you need to gaze at one point, with which and with the slowed down, focused breathing your adrenocorticotropic hormone release will decrease, that is slowing down further stress hormone release by the adrenal glands. So you decrease high cortisol levels if it’s the case and relax your adrenal glands when they are fatigued. Balance exercises are also helping mastering transitions from one position to the other, from one stage of life to the other, and developing power. Ultimately they are … Continue reading For Cortisol Dysregulations This Will Help