The exercise  that changes your hormonal life

Endocrine Gym can increase your libido, erectile functions for men, sexual pleasure for both sexes, chances of pregnancy when relevant, and can improve your wellbeing in several other ways. When you find yourself in the midst of a bad day, … Continue reading The exercise  that changes your hormonal life

How to control panic

Years ago on a sunny evening with a friend we swam deep into lake Balaton. We’ve been about swimming away from the coast for half an hour when giant lightening appeared heading towards us. Lake Balaton is well known to build storms quickly, so turning back we started to panic. It was dark and it seemed to be hopeless to reach the coast before the storm would hit us. The lake is also known for storms where in between two waves you can’t take a proper breath due to high humidity. At least that’s what I was told, and even … Continue reading How to control panic

Syncing with the Moon

Years ago I started to organise full moon walks, when I red about the idea of syncing the cycle to the moon cycle. Ideally both are 28 days long. Exposing yourself to the moon light regularly is said to help getting your cycle there. It was interesting to notice that most of us got either the ovulation or the menstruation on full moon. I also red that those who menstruated on full moon traditionally used to be looked at as healers, because the majority of the women have the menstruation on new moon and ovulated on full moon. Consequently the … Continue reading Syncing with the Moon