DIY anti aging face creams

Induced sweating is one of the best ways of the elimination of many toxic elements from the the body. Researchers believe sweat analysis should be an additional method beyond blood and urine testing for the monitoring of toxic elements in humans. (link to: Blood, urine, and sweat (BUS) study – PubMed)

The way you are detoxifying through your skin, you can absorb anything that comes into contact with it. Your skin is literally a sponge and will absorb the chemicals that are in the products you use. Imagine, as if you were eating body lotion for instance without tasting it. Though, if you observe yourself, you carefully pay attention when applying your facial cream, you will notice that you taste the cream in your mouth shortly after application. Try the cream only on the eyes, far away from your lips! There are anti aging creams that I simply can’t stand because of the petroleum-like taste they bring into my mouth couple of minutes after I wipe them on my face, without coming even close to, or touching my lips.

Apart from being toxic, many of the chemicals in body care products act as xeno-eostrogen. Xeno-oestrogens are oestrogen like compounds and our body is handling them as such.

For me that’s it. Knowing this much gives me the drive to prepare my own facial and body creams or if no time, at least to buy natural products. The advantage of preparing my own is that I don’t need to add preservatives. I prepare smaller amounts keeping in mind that it has to be used up within a week.

Shall it be natural, anything that contains fatty and watery ingredients, so anything that is hydrating and stay good for long, contains preservatives.

Certain ingredients are easy to get hold on and not a rocket science to handle. The best to start, and maybe stick with them. Such as coconut oil, essential oils that won’t make your skin burn (like cinnamon EO), shea butter and aloe vera.

Aloe Vera: is exceptional in wound healing due to its wonderful properties that increase collagen content in the skin. (link to: Influence of Aloe vera on collagen -PubMed.) It contains vitamin C and E, which indicates the prevention of the formation of free radicals, major root cause of cell damage. The beauty industry is heavily relying upon Aloe Vera in its anti aging products.

You can make your own aloe vera gel by chopping the leaves into pieces, remove the skin until you’ll be left with chunks of gel. Puree in a blender to create pure, smooth aloe vera for use on your skin. Store it in the fridge if you have left over, but no longer than couple of days.

Shea Butter: American Journal of Life Sciences reported that shea butter has anti aging properties1 About its anti-inflammatory and chemopreventive effects the Oleo Sciences published a study. It’s also found moisturising, it has high vitamin C and A content.

Coconut fat: thanks to its three fatty acids —capric, caprylic and lauric acid-, coconut oil is acting as antimicrobial and disinfecting agent. Studies also proof its anti inflammatory and moisturising properties.

When you mix watery and fatty substances to create an emulsion, you will need to add an emulsifier, that you need to purchase for the purpose.

An other easy piece for you is a natural Lip Balm: Melt 4 Tbls. coconut fat and 2 Tbls. beeswax together on low heat. Remove from heat and stir 5 drops peppermint and 5 drops lavender essential oils in. Pour it into little container and cool it down.


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  1. Malachi Oluwaseyi Israel. Effects of Topical and Dietary Use of Shea Butter on Animals. American Journal of Life Sciences. Vol. 2, No. 5, 2014, pp. 303-307. doi: 10.11648/j.ajls.20140205.18

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