Will your lymph circulate on your holidays?

Your heart is beating through your holidays pumping your blood throughout the body, but have you thought of your lymph? Then again, why would it matter that much?

When you detox, your cells basically dump the garbage into the space around the cells, which is your lymphatics. And the lymph is supposed to collect and drain this garbage. The other important role lymph is playing, is transporting fats and fat soluble particles across the body, so as cholesterol, the main building block of many hormones (Cortisol, oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc).

You have a network of lymph nodes, as well as lymph vessels that go from literally your head down to your toes. The nodes are located mostly at the joints, where we bend, and the vessels with the lymph fluid are what get pumped by movement. The lymph moves in one direction. Similarly to blood in blood vessels, the valves just don’t allow them to flow backwards.

There are several tricks to get the lymph move.

  • dry brushing – With a soft brush you gently stroke your skin. Start always at the collar bone, that’s the end point. If this is congested, all the rest will be.
  • rebounding – if you don’t have trampuline, or you don’t like it, you may just squeeze the heels together, the buttcks and repeat couple of little springs.
  • castor oil pack
  • sauna
  • cold shower
  • 60 sec self lymph massage (see the video here below)
  • Endocrine-Gym

Do this 60 sec long lymph massage every morning, and harvest its hormonal benefits. It will give you a more optimal hormone cocktail that you can easily notice on decreased puffiness, bloating, PMS, emotional sensitivity e.g. If you don’t have the discipline, you may always join our online classes that we start with this massage. Check it out how simple it is:


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