The exercise  that changes your hormonal life

Endocrine Gym can increase your libido, erectile functions for men, sexual pleasure for both sexes, chances of pregnancy when relevant, and can improve your wellbeing in several other ways.

When you find yourself in the midst of a bad day, stop. Take a break with Endo-Gym® and restart your day. You’ll see less problems arising afterwards simply because you find solutions easier and your hormonal mix will make you less prone to worrying.

Endocrine Gymnastics (Endo-Gym) does not only cover specific type of exercises, but refers to a way of exercising as well.

Because it’s harmonized with your circadian rhythm, It helps to mark the different stages of your day. This is often game changer in improving cortisol dysregulation, the root cause of many hormon related problems and improving sleep.

Fitting into the daily life of anyone in our surrounding smart world, Endo-Gym offers shorter (5-30 minutes), sweet routines. Sweet routins are metabolically not particularly costly (won’t increase of metabolic functions significantly like heart rate and blood pressure and won’t decrease in digestion), they won’t make you feel sore the day next, they generate less lactic acid production, so they won’t result in killing your cartelidge and joints.

This makes it approachable for every one at any level.

Endo-Gym® creates a bridge between meditative and dynamic practices by building on a carefully designed combination of positions, rhythm and repetitions in alignment with your circadian and infradian rhythms.

It’s designed and shown to activate your hormonal glands, lymphatic drainage and the vagus nerve. By raising awareness of muscles that are ignored by most physical practices, and by combining breathing technics with positions and movements Endo-Gym® practices have undeniable physical impact on your hormonal glands, the entire lymph system and the vagus nerve, which then, in its own complexity maximises the wished potentials of your hormonal activities.

If you are consulting with a certified Endo-Gym® coach, following a symptom based hormonal assessment your physical program can be personalised and topped up with beneficial food choice and supplement recommendations in order to improve your wellbeing.

Endo-Gym® practices have two main categories, the so called Boosters and POPin.

Results of the 251 women who participated in a study through 8 years, learned and practiced Endo-Gym® in Brussels, show that Endo-Gym® Boosters significantly increase the chance for successful IVF, help reversing early menopause, ease on menopausal symptoms and eliminate symptoms of PCOS. Find a shortened summary of benefits that are reported consistently per age group here:

Age GroupBenefits of Endo-Gym®
14-18bring the very first period if missing
14/25-35eliminate painful periods and cramps, regulate irregular menstrual cycle, ease on PMS, make conception flowless, pregnancy smooth and delivery successful; 
35 – 45Reverse early. menopause, eliminate symptoms of PCOS, increase the chance of successful pregnancy, nurture recovery after delivery; ensure smooth hormonal transition through perimenopause, boost energy levels and improve pelvic control and strength;
45-55Support eostrogen metablism, ensure smooth hormonal transition from perimenopause towards menopause, boost energy levels, improve pelvic control and strength;
55+Maximize eostrogen production and support eostrogen metabolism, boost energy levels, prevent osteoporosis, improve pelvic control and strength;

POPin practices are shown to be beneficial both for men and women. The routines are designed to help gaining and regaining control on the female pelvic floor with improved bladder control and improved sexual pleasure while experience with men shows that it improves erectile function.

POPin routines and classes are more technical, less dynamic than the Boosters yet, they are providing a full body workout. Its approach on grouping pelvic floor muscles with other muscles during the workout is forward thinking versus the Kegels, and is proven to be highly successful.

Additionally, through random medical tests, active participation on POPin classes was shown to improve low thyroid functions. It’s most likely due to the positions in combination with the POPin breathing techniques which activate sluggish thyroids. More studies would be interesting to see to gain wider understanding of these results.

If you want to broaden your knowledge about these exercises, you want to learn them, you can always visit;

If you wish to know more about or you want to support related researches and studies visit Institute for endocrine and don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team!

Restart your day with Endo-Gym

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