Make it a good day

This post was supposed to praise wilde garlic, because it’s the season in the northern hemisphere, and it has amazing properties: anti fungal, anti bacterial, it can even successfully fight threadworms and high bloodpressure.

I found a lot in my neighborhoud, now planted some in my garden under the trees. They say the leaves can be mistaken with the one of the Lilly of the Valley (Convallaria majalis), the Arum maculatum and the Crocus autumnalis, all three are poisonous. So If you are not sure, wait until wild garlic is blossoming. Its white, star-like six petals flowers are unmistakable. So as the scent of garlic the leaves evaporate if you tear them.

The entire plant can be eaten. All parts. The open flowers you may use as decoration on salads, the buds in Asian cooking or in fryed dishes. Here I’m sharing 3 new recipes with the leaves. This version of pesto is avoiding the often rancid and expensive pine tree seads to make it more affordable and guaranteed healthy.

The truth is that before I wrote this all down, I had to restart my day. I was slow and unproducive. Do you know this feeling? When you are doooooing the things but everything takes forever and nothing gets really done.

Then I had to run a dynamic Endo-Gym class just now after which it tooke no time to finish praising wilde garlic. I got fully energized. The 15 minutes Avi dance is pricesless, but we started off with a so called energizing sound breath, I think that made the trick as well.

You may not have the chance to try the AviDance easily, but if you feel down, lacking of motivation try this energizing sound breath, and restart your day! It’s just 2-3 minutes. Here is your chance. Download the instruction with pictures:

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