4+1 Benefits of Asymmetrical Movements

Whereas in daily life we move mostly asymmetrically, we tend to perform rather symmetrical trainings. It’s more convenient I guess. Yet, asymmetrical trainings have immense benefits both for men and women.

  • engage the core more consciously;
  • stabilize the core;
  • improve mind-body connection;
  • enhance mobility more than symmetrical movements;

Each hemisphere has sensory and motor control of the opposite side of the body, so training one side you engage the opposite hemisphere. “About 90% of humans are more skilled with the right than left hand, although the degree of manual asymmetry varies as a function of age and task complexity.”2 By using more one side of your body keeping the opposit hemispher more active. According to certain oppinions man are rather left while women are rather right hemispher dirven.

For some time it was the general beleive that certian tasks are performed by one hemisphere and others by the other. Today neuroscientists say both hemishperes can deal with all kinds of tasks in their own way. “The right hemisphere sees the world as a whole, and is more connected to rhythm and flow…It is more skilled at recognizing relationships between things and allows you to see the big picture.3” “The left brain is more involved with things that are familiar and known, it prefers to generalize. The left hemisphere views a world more like a map or a model, which is a representation of the real thing. That little voice that always compares yourself to others resides in the left hemisphere. Ultimately, the left hemisphere is interested in manipulating the world to your advantage. “3

Check which hemispher is dominating for you: If your nosthrills are not equally opened, checking which one is more opened you can determin the opposite hemispher as dominating.

Larry Cahill, PhD says, brain-imaging studies indicate that the differences between male and female brain extend well beyond the strictly reproductive domain4. There are significant differences between the two. For instance the two hemispheres of a woman’s brain talk to each other more than a man’s do. And because this connection is hormone related, time alters its intensity1.

Therefore alternating asymmetrical movements for women carry additional benefits in stimulating this communication between the two hemisphers as time goes on and hormone production is declining.

See this asymmetrical breathing seguence starting from Spiderman Lunge:

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