How to control panic

Years ago on a sunny evening with a friend we swam deep into lake Balaton. We’ve been about swimming away from the coast for half an hour when giant lightening appeared heading towards us. Lake Balaton is well known to build storms quickly, so turning back we started to panic. It was dark and it seemed to be hopeless to reach the coast before the storm would hit us. The lake is also known for storms where in between two waves you can’t take a proper breath due to high humidity. At least that’s what I was told, and even the thought of it resulted in heavy breathing and weakened muscles. Each inhalation literally squiked through my throught though I used to be a swimmer. Straight ahead of us the coast was lined with wide strip of reeds all over, but we gave up swimming further to our beach and decided to rather climb in the reeds among the leeches. How we managed to cross the reeds and climb out of the fenced property where we landed eventually is another story.

If I had known what I know now, how to gain control of that sudden panic, we could have perhaps swam straight to our beach.

It’s better late than never.

In the past decade, since I’ve known techniques to use when panic would take over this squeeky breathing has never occured anymore and I managed to perform under life threat.

If you’d like to learn these techniques, on the 10 of April in Brussels you can join the workshop. It’s the foundation of improving your hormonal balance.

April 10. in Brussels: Control panic or anxiety with Hormone Joga Breathing Techniques

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