Increase libido with these 5 steps

Shopping can really sex you up?

In 2019 my gyneacologyst friend was excitedly waiting for the European aproval of the female viagra, Addyi, that she was going to prescribe to those, who asked her help with low libido. A.k.a. female sexual interest/arousal disorder (FSIAD) or hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Despite of the finding of the American Medical Association about women are more likely to have sexual dysfunction than men, the female viagra eventually failed to deliver the wished profits. The huge potential, similarly to the male viagra which generated Pfizer 500$ million between 2013 and 19, has just never realized. Addiy, with its twisted understanding on female sexuality has simply disappeared from the radar.

Endo-Gym POPin

Even if such pill can make the cascade of hormones right that drive female sexual desire, lubrication and arousal, women need intact abdomino-pelvic cavitiy with all its content in the right place to avoid painful intercourse and desire in the long run. As long as such pill doesn’t exist, there are things we CAN do in order to bring youthful joy back to life.

Testosterone, that triggers female arousal, is naturally spiking around ovulation for healthy, fertile women. When eostrogen is low, high testosterone will still lead to choosing a good sleep on the top of good sex though.

  1. You can increase testosterone with high intensity interval training or simple squats combined with adequate breathing; taking fenugreek either in your food or as suplement, Maca, panax ginseng, DHEA, Whey protein or Zink.

Addyi, the female viagra when taking regularly raises levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, unfotunately it also lowers levels of serotonin. Dopamine has a role in boosting sexual desire, whereas norepinephrine (synthetized from dopamin in de adrenal glands) has a role in promoting sexual arousal. Dopamine is most notably involved in helping us feel pleasure as part of the brain’s reward system, it is produced in the brain.

2. Before you want to boost these hormones naturally, check if you need to increase them in the first place, if you are low in any of them, with this questionnaire:

If you are, you can start suplementing with Tyrosin, the precursor of dopamin (indirectly to norepinephrine thus); practice high impact exercises longer than 20 minutes; dopamin can be triggered by shopping (yes, shopping can sex you up), smelling cookies baking in the oven or listening to music. To stay on the safe side, avoid increasing dopamin with sugar intake, which will backfire later on anyways.

3. Oxytocine is another vital hormone for increasing female sexual interest and pleasure. Oxytocine you can boost with togetherness, belonging to a community, touch, smile, kiss, or singing. On this note, you are welcome to join our next free full moon walk ritual in Brussels this Friday (8pm). It’s a wonderful experience, take a candle with you! For increasing oxytocing you can also go for a massage and ask a foreplay prior to sex.

4. I checked the ingreients of the 10 most successful suplements for increasing female libido, and the most present ingredients are Fenugreek, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Rosemary, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cayenne pepper, Garlic, L-Arginin, vitamine E, B6, B12, Zink, Tribulus Terretris.

5. Finally, when you are 45+ don’t forget to think of the texture and position of your pelvic content with all its organs and tissues. You want to keep them up in their place in order to avoid painful intercourse. POPin exercises and practices are desinged for helping You in this process and increasing your pleasure.

Feel free to get in touch in case of questions

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