Receive the love You desire

Recieve the love You desire

Feeling loved generates a fairly good mix of hormones in the brain and blood. It increases oxytocin and decreases cortisol. Oxytocin helps to stimulate your vagus nerve, it capacitates you for better dealing with stress. Multiple researches suggest that increased oxytocin increases feelings of generosity, forgiveness, trustworthiness, fidelity, joy and security. Animal studies show that higher oxytocin release results in protection against accelerated signs of aging and better regeneration of aged tissue stem cells, including muscle cells.

Yet, you look around nowadays and see couples splitting, shouting with each other, complaining one about the other… Just imagine how much oxytocin they miss out on doing so intead of maximizing love at least in the safest little spot in this universe, at home.

Complaints from the furstrated ones I here:

  • “One day is like the other, monotonous. Nothing happens, It brings me down!”
  • “While teleworking I can sit the day through in pijama. So as my partner. It’s depressing!”
  • “My partner is exhausted all the time. He falls asleep while watching tele or by the time I come back from the bathroom for a little fun.”
Receive the love You desire
Hand massage

It’s time to bring colour in your days and oxytocin in your blood.

If you have ever thought that you dress up for events only, only when meeting with others, it’s time to start dressing up for yourself and ask the same from your partner. It’s an expression of appreciating yourself and your partner that will bring a smile to both of you. Smiling at each other generates oxytocin secretaion. So incredible we are, humans.

Another very easy way to express appreciation, affection, care towards your partner would be a hand massage. Naturally, a full body massage is greater to receive, but tireing to give. When you are exhausted just as your partner you should not spend energy you don’t have. You will see when massaging the hands of your loved one how tiny bit of energy it costs and in return it will energize both of you greatly. Further, he/she will return your services in two fold later on. (If you don’t know how to do it, just work a generous amount of hand cream into the skin and apply gentle pressure alongside the joints. Success will be guaranteed.)

More about how to stimulate oxytocin and reverse cortisol dysregulation, which may lead to adrenal fatigue, learn step by step, actionable tactics on the Energy Reorg Workshop in Overijse on 30. Jan 2022.

Register or ask more information here:

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