Syncing with the Moon

Years ago I started to organise full moon walks, when I red about the idea of syncing the cycle to the moon cycle. Ideally both are 28 days long. Exposing yourself to the moon light regularly is said to help getting your cycle there. It was interesting to notice that most of us got either the ovulation or the menstruation on full moon. I also red that those who menstruated on full moon traditionally used to be looked at as healers, because the majority of the women have the menstruation on new moon and ovulated on full moon. Consequently the healers could help those who had their periods. You may had the chance to learn that women living together surprisingly end up having the menstruation around the same time. So this stuff is real, no matter how weird it sounds.
Later on I learned more and more about the vagus nerve, about it’s incredible importance and that, among others, we can stimulate it by certain full moon rituals. Listen, you may experience constant stress these days, which  keeps you in the fight-or-flight mode. This is the state of mind and body when you can outperform yourself for a short while, so it can be life saving, but every day we need to switch to the “rest-digest-repair- mood. The vagus nerve,  part of the parasympathetic nervous system, is controlling this switch. 
This nerve is responsible for signalling to the stomach to release acids and enzymes, so food can be processed and broken down. When the vagus nerve isn’t properly functioning, then your food is crawling through your body, along with hormones and toxins and it throws your hormones out of whack. And more, read here.
Syncing with the full moon serves prefect to stimulate the vagus nerve. Take a full moon bath for instance or If you are in/around Brussels, you may join our free full moon walks. Here you may register, so I can share the exact meeting point with you:
On the Endo-Gym classes around full moons we follow special meditations that prepares the body and mind for the changes coming with the new moon.  

We take little candles with us, walk to a clearance in the park, there we light up the candles, turn towards the full moon and follow couple of breathing practices. When we are all relaxed thanks to the breathing exercises, I read out special full moon affirmations for everybody to repeat.

It’s a wonderful practice, calms and opens the mind. It’s perfect to surrender and accept the universal rhythms that we, humans, may think bog about ourselves, are just a small part of.
Endo-Gym Moon Walk

2 thoughts on “Syncing with the Moon

  1. Dear, I just registered for the moon walk. In the automatic answer I received, was mentioned : see you Friday. I hope it is on Saturday the 15th because I organise my women circle on Friday the 14th.
    Kind regards patricia
    Looking forward to meet you 😍


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