Lose your belly just in two weeks

You want to lose weight? Things to keep in mind: you need to chose different programs depending on whether you are a man, woman or a child; if you are a woman the right program will consider whether you are in fertile age or thereafter; consider as well if you work sitting / standing in one place all day long and what kind of weather conditions you’ve got around when you want to lose weight. Where you are starting off, with how many extra kg’s or how long you’ve been walking around with them will also alter the right program.

However, some ground rules are valid for all, such as rule number 1.:

  1. Keep your eating window at maximum 10hrs. If you are a fertile woman and want to lose weight bring the eating window between 8-10 hrs. It means if you eat your last meal at 6pm for instance, you can start eating the day next only at 8am or 10am. With “just” this much of effort you can quickly lose a smaller belly like the one on the left picture within a week. For more efficiency, schedule your fasting window for the night rather than for the morning -which is easier, I agree. The more you move the bigger junk of the fasting window to the evening and night instead of the morning , the more advantage you can get out of this so called intermittent fasting. For instance you feed the most prevalent microbe in your microbiome, the Akkermansia, which then can feed another microbe, the so called Butyrate. Butyrate gives us incredible support in weight loss. It binds to intestinal cell receptors creating a signal to the brain to burn fat for fuel and to stop producing hunger hormone but release leptin, the feeling full hormone. (Read more about how it works: https://improvemyhormones.com/2021/03/18/loose-weight-by-feeding-your-microbiome/
Lose belly in 2 weeks, after 48 as well.

Women marching towards the bridge of menopause, right in or thereafter often complain about not being able to lose weight anymore. Here is the thing: It’s absolutely possible and not even difficult! If you are one of them, cheer up! All you need to do on the top of decreasing your eating window,is to apply two more ground rules:

  • 2. Cut back on processed sugars. Processed sugars have a wide range of negative effect, most importantly they are highly inflammatory, they increase cortisol levels, consequently they unavoidably result in growing waistline. Go for natural sweeteners with low glycemic index like liquid stevia, cocos blossom sugar (with limits of course), or dried fruits such as dried dates and plums. See more information on sweeteners: https://improvemyhormones.com/2020/01/06/i-need-sweets-sure-but-which-one/
  • 3. Eliminate gluten. When I reached 47 for instance I drastically decreased gluten allowing only in the form of 1 slice of naturally low gluten content spelt or kamut bread in the morning. Yet, when I need to lose weight, I don’t eat gluten at all until I’m happy with the results. This is what my clients are following as well with great results. The picture on the right is after 1 week of completely gluten free meals starting off from the picture on the left.

THE SHAPE: If you find the shape of the belly important as well, you can add 5-10 minutes targeted exercises every second day. It’s really not much of suffering. There are couple of ground rules here, too. Due to different physiology the recommended core and abs exercises for women are different than for men!!! I can’t repeat this enough. Please keep in mind for your future, your pelvic structure is prone to injure in response to repetitive wrong movements.

One more thing. When choosing the right exercises you want to avoid overloading your back. Do you have any back problems? Ask for movements adjusted to your condition! There is always an alternative.

If you are a woman above 45 you can greatly benefit from the POPin routines. It’s a wonderful core strengthening method with many possibilities to avoid straining on your sensitive back. And the best part about it is that you will complete more than just shaping your beautiful belly. Start your free POPin training here.

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