Antibiotics withdrawn, what to do with UTI then?

Higher level of sex hormones in child bearing age has a protective effect when it comes to symptoms of UTI, urinary tract infections. As menopause is approaching or thereafter more and more women experience uncomfortable symptoms, even if the infection was there before. You can trace it looking at your first morning leak.  If it’s cloudy bacteria is in there which should be not there. The common medical practice is to subscribe antibiotics, that often does not give long term solution and the infection comes back, making it reoccurring. The reoccurring course of antibiotics will create a catch 22, when  the antibiotics will eventually trigger the infection through yeast infection and other bacterial overgrowth that these drugs feed. Now, soon it’s not going to be a problem, because the antibiotics used for UTI are under inspection and going to be withdrawn in the close future. Question remains, what to do then?

Antibiotics currently under process of withdrawal:

  • Cifran
  • Cifloxin
  • Ciprinol
  • Ciprobay
  • Ciprofloxacin
  • Ciprolen
  • Avatac
  • Leflokin,
  • Levofloxacin
  • Levoxa
  • Avelox
  • Moxifloxacin
  • Nolicin
  • Norfloxacin 

Before you start using antibiotics for UTI the best is to try natural solutions anyways. And perhaps that’s all we will be left with if above antibiotics are banned:

  1. Renew your microbiome that can do the fight for you.
  2. Eliminate sugar, alcohol from your meals! Minimise carb intake which we brake down to glucose, a form of sugar anyways.
  3. You can try supplementing with Guercetine.
  4. Supplement or drink sugar free cranberry juice
  5. Check out special affirmations for UTI in our free, private Hormone Club FB group:
  6. If you find that the occurence is linked to sexual intimacy, add extra hygeny habits before intimacy and love yourself! When having shower hug yourself and tell yourself “I love me”.
  7. Keep your tissues fresh, lymph circulation and blood flow fresh in the pelvic area with Endo-Gym exercises to support your own immune system!

If you have further tips, please share!

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