The best investment these days

When you follow up on current economic developments probably end up worrying about what’s coming ahead of us, where to invest your money for a secure future. One investment specialist says this, the other forum recommends that, and everything keeps changing faster than ever, no one can give guaranty.

However, there is one secure investment where the return is guaranteed. Even these days. Here is the thing:

Growing your buttocks is one of the best investments for your future for many reasons. Naturally I think of the glute, the skeletal muscle that holds your pelvis together, that carries you around and can lend and attractive shape to your back side.

Is it scary? You think you have to spend time with pain, sweating and suffering?

If that’s what you think, we need to reinvent the way you think of exercise. The key to this is to change your mind about what the word exercise really means. If you feel soar after exercising, you did the wrong movements, the wrong regime.

Find the exercise regime that fits YOU! Most of us are just regular people. Do just as much as you can.

You need different ways of exercising when you are fully charged, which you should feel when ovulating for instance, or if you have some chronic illness or when your adrenals are fatigued. I used to work for Nike where we always said, “if you have a body you are an athlete”, and everyone was supposed to run. Today we know running is not necessarily serving the female pelvic structure and certainly metabolically costly, so those with adrenal fatigue should not force it.

How do you know that you over burn your adrenals and they are on the verge of fatigue? You feel often tired, you get easily irritated, you have irresistible sugar cravings, your waistline is growing without extra input, your libido drops below 0, you don’t conceive, your nights are disturbed and you get detached from work. You can be just at the doorstep of burnt adrenals, it can be easily reversible or more serious. See the cortisol quiz to assess your own condition.

When you want to work around tired adrenals, to grow your glute, the skeletal muscle that holds your pelvis together can be life saving. Muscles secrete anti-inflammatory myokins; other hormones like IGF-1, that regulates insulin metabolism and helps balancing blood sugar levels; they secrete testosterone and HGH, both are directly linked to cognitive functions and youth; muscle eats fat; And the best part of it that you can grow it voluntarily. It depends on you how much you want to grow it :).

Find out which type of exercises suit you the best here. Group exercises have a strong motivational effect, but if you want to do it alone, try out these easy-to-do-at-home butt growing exercises:

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