Cholesterol, oestrogen and dandelion

While we’ve seen oestrogen through dark glasses in the past decades we tend to forget its benefits. For instance through the liver it keeps cholesterol levels under control. As you are marching towards or crossing the bridge of menopause you may notice what I do, your cholesterol levels are climbing up though you haven’t eaten more eggs, whipped cream or fat than before. This process is even more disturbing when one enters menopause in her early 40s.

I noticed the incline on my latest test results and was really worried first. Fortunately I started off from low levels. So again I see that the euros invested in my lifestyle are a true deductible against my long term health costs.

Still, what if it keeps climbing? You may think the same as me. I follow all what experts recommend, what else possibly one can do more here?

  • Decreased carb intake -check
  • Exercise regularly -check
  • Eat good quality fat (avoid saturated fats, go for grass fed meet, omega3, avocado, e.g.) -check

Let’s try one more thing. I’ll top it all up with herbal remedies. One of the best herbs for the purpose is growing all over the place. Instead of harvesting gardeners sprinkle herbicide on it everywhere. It’s unstoppable. This is the plant that can be eaten from top to toe. Flower, leaves and root, raw or cooked.

Dandelion leaves are an excellent source of vitamin A, C, E, K, further folate, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

The root is rich in the carbohydrate inulin, a soluble fibre, which supports the growth and maintenance of your protective microbiome ( ncbi).

An animal study on mice showed drastic decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride levels in response of administered dandelion extract (pubmed). Antoher study on rabbits who were kept on high-cholesterol diet evaluated the impact of adding dandelion roots and leaves to their meals. Those animals who received dandelion had reduced cholesterol levels (pubmed).

If you go out to pick some, stay away form parks where herbicides have been used. These ideas I’ve tried so far:

  • Any parts of the plant you can poor hot water on for tea;
  • Clean the leaves as spinach in vegetable subji with sweet potato
  • Dry the roots, grind and use as coffee
  • Put the flowers raw in vegetable salad
  • Shallow fry the flowers with salt for delicacy

i’m trying further recipes and will share in the Hormone Club. One of our clubbers used dandelion while treating her fibroid. Her treatment was more efficient than usual.

It’s a blessing!

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