Hormones that your buttocks secrete

Being skinny is not all. Benefits of growing volume when volume comes from muscle instead of fat, out-weight the benefits of being skinny.  

It has a very simple reason, skeletal muscle secrets potent hormones and molecules. And because the biggest muscle is on your butt, that’s what you need to grow.

One of these potent hormones is IGF-1, which regulates insulin metabolism, helping to balance blood sugars, and stimulates protein synthesis. This helps you further to build more muscle.

Another amazing substance secreted by muscle is BDNF (a.k.a. brain-derived neurotrophic factor). It has a brain protecting effect and helps the regeneration of the brain.

Muscle also increases production of testosterone and HGH. Both are directly linked to cognitive functions and youth. It is also a major target of thyroid hormone signalling. Building muscle mass is a secret weapon for those with hypothyroidism.

Muscle eats fat. During any type of exercise it does so while you’re exercising. But when exercised non cardio (slow, endurance type of exercise routine), may it be strength training ,HIIT, or soft HIIT (shorter and sweeter intense periods), it gives you the gift of after burn. You will burn fat after exercising while resting.

Non cardio workout is also shown to stimulate muscular mitochondrial synthesis. It means that you can make more mitochondria by simply adding more muscle. (Mitochondria has a bacterial nature but is living in every human cell, has its own genome and is producing your energy. Without mitochondria we would not stay alive.)

Skeletal muscle, when used non cardio, also secretes anti-inflammatory myokines as opposed to fat which secretes cytokines. Both myokines and cytokines act as chemical messengers, just like hormones. Whereas cytokines light up inflammation in the body as you may be aware of (cytokine storm is often the reason of death resulting SARS-Covid2 infection), myokines inhibit the release and the effect of the inflammatory cytokines produced by body fat. Further amazing fact about mykoines is that they increase your insulin sensitivity and excess glucose uptake inside your muscles. It does this by upregulating glucose transporter receptors called GLUT4. This leads to better glucose homeostasis and prevents you to develop various type of troublesome conditions, among others diabetes.

Muscle is the only organ that you can voluntarily grow -or let it shrink. Being able to build your own anti-inflammation depot is something you don’t want to miss.

Which type of exercise is the best for you? The one that makes you soar is not helping. Choose the type that makes you feel fresh. Lifting heavy weights may not be of your choice when your joints can’t coop with it, but as long as you can lift your own body, you can engage in Endo-Gym routines that are sweet HIIT type of exercises with shorter and lighter intense workout periods. It’s your type of work out if you want to reverse early menopause, if you want to increase your AMH , when you want to eliminate PCOS or pelvic floor dysfunctions. Check out the time table to online exercising if you want to join or see what the study concluded that followed up 251 women who exercised Endo-Gym with early menopause, low AMH, PCOS or pelvic floor dysfunctions.

See these glute growing exercises and repeat them. If your lower back is sensitive, don’t raise your feet above the hips. So, wipe everything off your desk and start!

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