Lose Weight by Feeding Your Microbiome

7 ways to please your Akkermansia

In the last 5 years yearly 10 thousand researches have studied the human microbiome revealing a massive body of new information on how our system is working. We are a light year away from the outdated calorie-in and calorie-out approach when it comes to losing weight.

Let’s make use of this mounting knowledge adjusted to the different needs of the two sexes. Most studies focus on guys disregarding the female hormonal needs, consequently guys can find trustworthy information on this easier. Girls need to be cautious when it comes to fasting for instance or engaging into sport activities to maintain their sex hormone production. Recommendations for guys and girls, both are correct for the right sex.

You know we are covered by microbiome all over the body. Every cell, not only the gut. They are our guards developed through millions of years of evolution. Akkermansia (Akkermansia muciniphila) is a bacteria that takes up 5% of the entire microbiome of a healthy individual, one single species on the contrary of Bifidobacterium with its 54 species, or Lactobacillus with its 260. Akkermansia are primarily fermenters which means their metabolites, what they break down, feed the secondary fermenters, other bugs such as Butyrate for instance.

Why we like Butyrate? It binds to intestinal cell receptors creating a signal to the brain to burn fat for fuel and to stop producing hunger hormone but release leptin, the feeling full hormone.

The “problem” is that you can’t get synthetic versions of them, so we are left with mother nature.

If you please your Akkermansia you will have Butyrate. And there are proven strategies on how, see these 7 ways:

  1. Eat root vegetables (parsnips, turnips, sweet potato, radish) regualrly, flax seed, and purple, red, blue plants (if you don’t have leaky gut, polyphenols will be converted to Akkermansia).
  2. Use microbiome friendly personal care products (the least possible antibacterial ingredients, yeee)
  3. Minimise environmental antibiotics (glyphosate on plant based foods, conventionally farmed animal meat, e.g.)
  4. Avoid taking antibiotic drugs;
  5. Engage in regular intermittent fasting. Akkermansia thrives at night, and whenever you don’t send food down for awhile.
  6. Avoid unnecessary stress. Pathogenic bacteria feed on stress hormones and destroy Akkermansia.
  7. Practice dorsal vagus nerve stimulating activities.

Important note: Intermittent fasting is when you restrict your eating window and skip meals. You eat for max 4-10 hrs a day the rest you fast. This is an easy way of regular fasting, very popular nowadays. Be aware that regular 4 hrs eating window leads to muscle loss, never do it on consecutive days! It’s been alsoignored for long that girls in fertile age need to maximize their fasting period in 14-16hrs. If girls in fertile age regularly go beyond and follow 7:17 for instance, meaning 7 hrs eating versus 17 hrs fasting, their sex hormone production may go haywire, sometimes for long. Fasting may inhibit ovulation, further increases cortisol that is higher for women anyways, leads to the so called pregnenolone steal, which all wreaks havoc on progesterone levels and cascades down to several health problems, even ending up with weight gain at the end. Conclusion, if you have female biochemistry and follow intermittent fasting keep fasting period at max 14-16 hrs and your eating window at 10-8 hrs. The easiest is not eating at night. Your Akkemansia likes the best if you skip (late) dinners. That’s how you can lose weight the quickest, too.

You are not alone thinking that it’s so much easier to skip breakfast! I’m with you on this. But at least once a week I manage to finish eating at 6pm. If then I start eating at 9am the day next, I made 15 hrs fast -which I admit makes me proud. And knowing that it pleases my Akkermansia is a double reward. We can talk about it if you want: Hormone Club FB group.

Low impact strength training, a kind of sweet HIIT sort of exercise routine can also help building your healthy microbiome. Check out our POPin routines or dorsal vagus nerve stimulation techniques, and send a message if you want to join or know more about when there is the next event/session or if there is anything happening FREE that you could grab

I can’t wait to move you. Kata

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