Women Have More

You most likely know about the circadian rhythm, the internal timekeeper, that beyond one’s sex, orchestrates the timing of many our internal processes. Like the natural daily pattern of melatonin and cortisol levels that results in our deepest sleep around 2:00am, our most alert period of the day at tenish in the morning, and the period of the fastest reaction time around 3:30pm. Not only cortisol, melatonin but men’s testosterone production is organised around the circadian rhythm. Women’s sex hormones however, and on the top of cortisol’s daily fluctuation cortisol, too, follow an infradian rhythm. A longer, a 28-30 days long cycle, which happens to be very similar to the Moon cycle. Knowing what she’s inclined to do the most in particular periods of this cycle, somewhat similarly to men with the rise and lows of testosterone, can help all of us to get the best out of the days.

photo credit to Jonathan Borba and Unplash.com

If you are a fertile woman and have your period consistently you’re doing fine even if it’s not aligned with the Moon cycle. Yet, it’s kind of reassuring when it does. Either way, your ovulation may fall on the full Moon or on the new Moon, because regardless of trends in the world most of us are all in favour of working with nature’s rhythms. 

Connecting with the phases of the Moon taps into our deep desire to be in tune with nature, says the Garden Media Group. Moon phase gardening has been used for ages and is a growing trend these days.  It’s based on the fact that the cycles of the Moon affect plant growth. Farming or gardening aligned to the Moon phases delivers greater germination and better-established plants.  

When it comes to us, women, full Moon was traditionally associated with ovulation and the new Moon with menstruation because it has always been more commonly experienced. Those who found their ovulation on new Moon historically were believed to be healers, wise women, or medicine women. Perhaps because being in the most energetic periods of the cycle when ovulating they could take care of the others when the others were less energetic. Traditionally full Moon is also associated with creation in realms apart from getting pregnant and having children.

One reason for longing a consistent regular cycle is that regular cycle is much more likely to be symptom-free. If your menstruation cycles are wildly fluctuating it indicates health issues. (e.g. PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis). PMS, cramps, or bloating with a regular cycle indicate less serious problems and are easier to eliminate. We can certainly help with special exercises and food choices in the Hormone Club.

And we also like the idea of syncing the cycle up to the Moon cycle, so we are going to welcome the next full Moon with a full Moon walk in different locations, in Brussels, Talliinn, Viljandi, Zagreb, New York, Budapest on the 27th March. If you can make it only online join our session for full Moon affirmations the night before, 26th Friday evening 8:30-9pm GMT+1.

Participation is free, register here for contact of organisers or link to the online session:

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