Lowers your blood pressure and makes you proud of who you are

Most people think stretching is just about the muscles. “But when you stretch your muscles, you’re also stretching all the blood vessels that feed into the muscle, including all the arteries,” says Dr Phil Chilibeck, Ph.D, explaining that stretching reduces stiffness in arteries, thereby reducing resistance to blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Dr Chilibeck is the coauthor of a recent study published in the Journal Of Physical Activity and Health in December 2020. The result of the study showes that stretching is more successful in lowering blood pressure in real numbers than brisk walking.

Chilibeck and colleagues randomly assigned 40 older men and women (mean age 61) to two groups for the eight-week study period. One did a whole-body stretching routine for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, and the other group walked briskly for the same amount of time and frequency. All participants had elevated blood pressure, or Stage 1 hypertension, at the start of the study.  

Before and after the study, Chilibeck and colleagues measured participants’ blood pressure while they were sitting, lying down, and over 24 hours using a portable monitor—widely considered the gold standard for accurate blood pressure measurement. Stretching resulted in bigger reductions in blood pressure across all three types of measurement. The walkers did, however, lose more body fat off their waist in the eight-week study.  

It will make you proud OF who you are

All the blood vessels, including veins, arteries and capillaries, laid end to end would cover a distance of roughly 161 thousand km (100 thousand miles). If there was a bridge between New York and Sydney you could cover the distance 10 times out of these blood vessels. Think about this incredible length of material that you render, dilate and expand whenever you engage in painful stretching exercises. Then you may feel the pride that YOU CAN DO IT!

During the Endo-Gym Booster classes part of the stimulation of blood flow is coming from stretching. We not only stretch during the warming up and cooling down periods but during the active relax periods as well in between those dynamic reps of specific exercises. These specific exercises target the Pelvic Hub which helped many women dealing with subfertility, early menopause, PCOS or menopausal symptoms. Read their stories, what they did, how and ask access to the Endo-Gym Booster classes online.

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