Light Indian Breakfast

When you are a woman marching towards 50 and afterwards I don’t recommend eating rice or potato. They are just full of carbs that you can’t process well anymore. But this light Indian breakfast (that we often eat for dinner or lunch 🙂 ) is so well constructed, so easy to prepare and it’s one of the favourite of my kids, so I’ve kept it on my menu through the years.

For 4 portions you need 1/2 kg rice flakes (the Indian quality is the best for this recipe, available in Indian shops), 2 tbs romain cumin, 3 tbs olive oil, 2 tbs curry leaves ( I often skip this because I don’t have it, or I’m not happy with non bio quality), 1 onion chopped, 3 medium size potato chopped to 1/2cm * 1/2 cm size of cubes, 2 tee spoons of turmeric powder, 3 tee spoon salt (keep tasting it, it can take on quite some salt), 1/2 lemon squeezed and half for serving and if you like it hot, as the original recipe, add chilli powder for your taste.

Indian Flat Rice

Take a shallow stewpot or casserole, start with heating up the oil and the romain cumin in it. Here should come the curry leaf as well if you managed to get some. Before they would burn, which can happen quickly, add the chopped onion and bake it for about 3 minutes, then add the potato and steam it under a lid until it’s soft.

While the potato is cooking, put the rice flakes in a sieve, wash it making sure that water is reaching every piece of flake even in the middle. It will absorb a bit of water, that’s fine, but don’t allow to much, otherwise it gets mushy at the end.

When the potato is soft, add the rice. Sprinkle some more water to it while stirring and season it with salt, turmeric and lemon juice. For serving keep fresh lemon on the table, you can squeeze more lemon juice on it for your taste. We usually serve it with kefir, which is delicious with it, too.

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