Baby blessing with Endo-Gym Aviva

Triinu Poll from Estonia first heard about the Aviva dance through her Pilates teacher about 6 years ago. She adds it quickly: “And I was already intrigued. But as I had no problems with my cycle and reproductive organs back then, I just let it be.”

Only 2 years later, however, things have changed. “I started to experience severe PMS.” she says. “My cycle was not regular anymore. I had cysts in my ovaries and I was in quite a lot of pain during my periods.But my husband and I wanted to conceive another baby. Our previous babies came to us the moment we decided we are ready. And it was quite frustrating for me now that it hasn’t happened this time for a year.

I do not remember exactly how I came to the Aviva practice eventually. But I do remember talking to Dr. Lembe Allik at some point, the leader of our feminine community here in Estonia. We both knew about Aviva and we both heard that it was a very good approach for feminine problems. So, we decided to go for it.
As soon as I started practicing the Aviva dance regularly, the longer routine once a week and the AviHeavy daily, I got pregnant within 3 months. When my little daughter turned one and a half years old my period started, so I began practicing AviHeavy daily again, and the longer routine once a week. My cycle became regular and easy after 2 months.

Endo-Gym Level 1. Aviva Trainer Training in Estonia
Triinu Poll, Dr. Lembe Allik, Katri Ristal, Inge Bachaus, , Ave Palu, Aili Lindmee, Katrin Parve, Mari Remmelgas, Pille Allik on the trainer training

All these results were highly reassuring. We wanted to make it available to other women around us, too. Lembe got in touch with Kata Csehek in Brussels, who gives Endo-Gym Aviva teacher training in the Institute for Endocrine Gymnastics. In about a year’s time with a group of women we were ready to start teaching the Aviva dance.  

Top raw form left: Kai Hibus, Ave Palu, Merike Rihti Kuuse, Kata Csehek, Dr. Lembe Allik, Inge Bachaus, Aili Lindmae; First raw from left: Leelo Magi, Miina Kilver, Marianna, Triinu Poll, Mirle Kabel, Katrin Parve, Mari Remmelgas;

For almost 2 months now I have taught the Aviva dance twice a week to a group of women and I really enjoy it. And the women in my group love it, too. 
What makes me wonder though is that often women do not want to take responsibility for their own health. They solely trust a doctor or a medicine to cure them rather than to listen and to trust their body and its ability to heal itself. Oftentimes medicine is necessary,  but for my problem, there was no pill. I was in perimenopause and it’s said to be normal to develop irregular periods, PMS and fertility issues. And still with the help of Endo-Gym Aviva practice I managed to get pregnant and overcome the issues with my cycle.

I really want to become the best version of myself and encourage women to do the same. And I’m very excited about empowering women to get to know and trust  their bodies. I want every woman to feel happy, healthy, energised and in control of their lives.”

You can get in touch with Estonian trainers through

Katri Ristal:, or Ave Palu,,;

If you want to know more about the Aviva exercises Triinu is talking about, send us a message or check out

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