November, it’s time to bake a cake!

It’s time to bake some delicious, simple yammie. As you know, I’m staying away from gluten to maximise my sex hormone levels and thyroid functions, so this yammie has to be made of other staff than wheat or conventional flour.

What I’m going to use this time is grated carrot, ground puppy seed, sunflower and flax seed.

Regular use of puppy seed and ground! flax seed are serving well against oestrogen dominance, so can help to increase progesterone. (See the 5 strategies to increase progesterone.) Both flax seed and poppy seed are often used for constipation, puppy seed even for diarrhoea when caused by infection, or difficulty sleeping.

Opium is not derived from the poppy seeds itself. The seeds itself do not contain opiates, you won’t get drugged by eating them, no worries. They may be contaminated with morphine residue during harvesting that is removed during processing. There is obviously a huge difference in the amount of opiates found in a poppy-seed eater and a person abusing narcotics, therefore the threshold for the drug test has been increased in many places to avoid this detrimental conflation. It is known that poppy seeds can be detected in urine up to 48 hours after consumption and may persist even longer. If you are expecting a drug test, it is best to avoid poppy seeds for at least several days beforehand.

  1. Start this cake by preparing your baking tray. I’m using the standard size of cake form here, 25cm diameter. Line baking paper on the bottom, on the side you want to apply soft butter that you will sprinkle ground flax seed on to avoid the cake sticking to the tray.
  2. At this point you want to keep the butter outside the fridge.
  3. Shred couple of carrots till you can fill up 1 cup.
  4. Then you may switch the oven on to 145C.
  5. In a bowl mix the dry ingredients together by a spoon. If you still need to grind them, it’s fine now, it goes quick in the small coffee grinder: 1 cup of ground puppy seed, 1 cup of ground flax seed, 1 cup of ground sunflower seed, 1 cup coconut blossom sugar (this amount won’t make it super sweet, if you prefer sweeter cakes, add a coffee spoon of liquid stevia or 20 pieces of dried dates chopped fine.), 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder and 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate.
  6. Now you can start adding the rest: grated carrot, 125 grams of soft butter, and 5 full eggs. Work all the ingredients smooth with your hands and fill the dough into your tray.
  7. Bake it for 40 minutes.

The cream you see on the picture I made of milk mousse that you normally would use in your cappuccino. When you pass 48 you want to be careful with cholesterol levels, because the protective effect of oestrogen is sharply decreasing which will spike your cholesterol levels unless you change eating habits. When you are younger, you may enjoy a bit of cream beaten up and served along your piece of cake

Ask for progesterone supporting recipes in your mailbox!

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