5 Ways to Boost Progesterone Naturally

Progesterone is a natural antidepressant, it’s soothing, sedating. It calms you down, sets you at ease, neutralises any stress, raises body temperature, boosts metabolism. We have more progesterone in the brain than in the blood. Do you think we are lucky, women, to get drugged by it each month during fertile period? Well, like with all drugs the withdrawal is painful. As progesterone leaves the system, it creates its irritable withdrawal symptoms characterised in PMS.

Either too high or too low, you may get headaches, cysts, miserable periods, PMS with rage, become moody or you may develop endometriosis.

Progesterone released in the ovaries is for reproduction. It’s released when a follicle, a small sac in the ovary containing a ripe egg bursts at ovulation. When that happens, progesterone levels spike, shutting down further oestrogen production and stabilising the uterine lining so that the menstrual period doesn’t start too early or produce irregular spotting.

Do you experience brown spotting or slightly short cycle? If yes, you can benefit from boosting your progesterone production naturally. (Check if your symptoms indicate progesterone deficiency.)

Natural progesterone booster strategies:

  1. Endocrine Gym (Endo-Gym®) has a particular exercise routine for extending slightly short cycles. Like 24-26 days would be just slightly short. I teach them and we practice them in the Hormone Club. In our 10 years experience you can extend the cycle with the help of these therapeutic exercises with 3 to 4 days.
  2. If your progesterone deficiency is related to the so called luteal phase defect, extra vitamin C supplementation is shown to help. At doses of 750 mg/ day vitamin C has been shown to raise progesterone in women with both low progesterone and luteal phase defect.
  3. Supply Vitamin B6. It’s absolutely essential for the development of the corpus luteum which is produced in the ovary after the egg has been released and it is what makes the hormone progesterone. You may take B6 supplement or increase B6 rich foods, such as bananas, grass-fed beef, chicken, spinach, sweet potato, garlic or wild caught salmon.
  4. Eliminate factors that may cause B6 and progesterone deficiency. One of them is long lasting stress, which results in the so called progesterone-steel. Stress hormone cortisol uses up progesterone as building block and managing danger is always prioritised above reproduction in the brain. So you might have enough B6 to make progesterone, enough progesterone, but if you’re constantly in stress you still become deficient. Other similar factors are lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, oral contraceptive pill or over-exercising –working out too much, especially tackling hardcore cardio during the second half of your cycle can cause internal stress with increaseing cortisol levels and the progesterone-steel.
  5. You can also consider using Vitex. Keep in mind that vitex is supposed to be taken periodically! It’s shown to increase progesterone and decrease oestrogen in excess, so it helps to eliminate oestrogen dominance.

Get answer on your personal questions! You can enjoy personal follow up and unlimited, supervised exercises in the Endo-Gym Hormone Club now for introductory price, monthly €37. Check it out before the price increases!

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