Klara’s favorite

Klara (41) couldn’t sleep without socks, constipated, found her hair everywhere on the couch, by the end of the day she felt completely waisted, had a period in every 3 weeks, and she found the worst of all that she gained 5 kg in half year regardless how careful she though she was with food.

Her blood test indicated low thyroid functions, and for her biggest surprise her specialist turned to her and said that she can try changing her lifestyle first, she has a little time before medication is necessary and gave her half year for the next check up. That’s how Klara found the Thyroid workshop in Tervuren last year. Beyond the unique Thyroid stimulating exercises I taught her there that she practiced then couple of minutes nearly every day, she got plenty of nice recipes to substitute her “bad” meals. Guess what, in the half year time till the next check up her symptoms started to vanish, so she postponed the next blood test with 2 more months, and when she went back, her results were normal again. Today the only thing left from those worrisome symptoms is the socks at night. She feels taken care of when she sleeps in thin socks she says. What to do 🙂

We are going to repeat the workshop on the 8th of November. If you have similar symptoms, come and learn the exercises you too: www.treeoflifeyoga.be or check it out on Facebook:

I asked Klara to share her favourite recipes among those she started to cook in the past year. This was the first one on her list, Chard in tofu:

Ingredients: 6 leaves of chard sliced, 1/2 cabbage savoy chopped to cubes, 500 grams tofu, 1 big onion chopped, 1 tbs black mustard seed, 4 tbs. olive oil, 2 dl home made kefir, 4 cloves of garlic mushed, 1 tea spoon turmeric powder, little bit of white pepper and salt;

Start with crushing the garlic and leave it on air till use.

Heat up the oil, add the black mustard. when it starts to zizzle add the onion, satee it for 5 minutes, then add the cabbage savoy. Cook it under lid for about 10 minutes, then add the chard and start crushing the tofu into the dish by your hands. (Your kids may find it fun to do). Stir it well, put the lid back on for just couple of minutes, then add the rest and cook it for 3 minutes more under the lid. You may serve it with quinoa, polenta or depending on your age, rice, depending on your condition gluten free pasta, it’s up to you.

Ask these free recipes in your mailbox!

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