Eat this against cortisol dysregulations

Cortisol, the alpha hormone regulates, among others, your weight, your sex hormones and thyroids. It has it’s own circadian rhythm. When cortisol levels are not following this rhythm we can say cortisol is dysregulated. Cortisol dysregulation can be rooted both in external and internal stressors. Internal stressors, compounds that you can’t deal with, or can but with difficulty, they are threatening your system by getting in through your skin, the air you breath in or by your drinks and meals you consume. Because they pose a threat, you start producing stress hormones in response.

Find out the level and type of cortisol dyregulation you have

An excellent tool in regulating cortisol is eating probiotics because probiotics feed your microbiome which will support you in processing these internal stressors within your system. So its not only your demanding boss, the traffic or your neighbour outside your body, who can drive you mad. With those, mindfulness is a great tool. But the ones inside the system need different approach. I recommend special physical exercises and certain food choices.

This salad is a so called Raita. It’s truly refreshing, even my kids love it. It’s a 2-in-1 solution, a probiotic and salad at once if you use kefir or yoghurt for the base that is containing probiotic microorganisms. Most of ready to buy yoghurt or kefir will not contain probiotic microorganism despite of any “bifidus” promising labels either because it’s over pasteurised or because it’s closed without fresh air to long. These microorganisms are living creatures, they need fresh air every once in awhile.

The best way to check the quality of your yoghurt is to try cultivating the kefir by adding half as much organic, non ultra-pasteurised, full milk (in Belgium Purnatur for instance is a good quality for the purpose) in warm room temperature. If within 1-1,5 day you have it all pure kefir, you have a good kefir grain with probiotic microorganism that will feed your helpful microbiome.

As I was testing several qualities in Belgium and found kefir Demeter consistently good, cultivable.

Probiotic Raita

Ingredients for 2 balls: 2dl of good quality kefir or yoghurt; 1smaller red onion finely chopped, 2 tbs. finely chopped parsley, 1 tomato finely chopped, 10 cm cucumber finely chopped, 2 pinch of Himalayan salt.

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