For microbes in the breast tissue

The Human Genome Project (HGP) run by the American National Institutes of Health (NIH) between 1990 and 2003, intended  to identify all the genes of the human body, which they named the human genom. What they found was shocking. They discovered that only the 5th of the human genome is actually of strictly human origin. The rest of important genetic information comes from microbes!

This discovery led NIH researchers to go a step further. They created the Microbiome Project (HMP) in 2007 to define the human biome, the “bacteria, bacteriophage, fungi, protozoa and viruses” that live “inside and on the human body.”

Still it came as a surprise that a study in 2007 by Mayo Clinic found different types of bacteria in breast tissue of women with Breast Cancer and women without Breast Cancer. The breast tissue contained bacterial DNA even when there was no sign of infection in the area.

This all underlines one thing when we are in preventive phase.

Help your good microbes! Eating sweets helps only the bad guys! So try to switch your morning musli to real yoghurt with living bacterium flora mixed with something savoury. For instance the Magic Green powder and roasted pumpkin seeds.

The yoghurt you can cultivate yourself from organic milk and one portion of real yoghurt or kefir, that has living bacterium flora in. (I found brand Demeter more or less a consistently good base. Most of the others are dead.). First you use 1:1 milk and kefir. Within one day you have your kefir ready. When your kefir culture is stable, you can remove 3/4 of your cup to eat and top it up with milk for the day next. Mix it gently and keep it at room temperature or warmer.

Instead of grains and sweets in the yoghurt, why don’t you try something savoury? Like this Magic Green powder. It’s full with beneficial herbs and fibre. You can prepare it yourself if you have a coffee grinder.

Home made Magic Green

All in short: By today it’s clear that microbes live with us everywhere in the body. Scientists found something that brings us even further. The bigger part of our genom is written by these microbes. Help your good microbiome, which lives all over in your body, by daily, home made probiotics and natural, detoxifying spices, fibre. This is an easy and delicious breakfast option in this fashion.


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