Gluten Free Cocos-Rolls

Because of some reason I find baking a hassle. Too much work. So when I wanted to fill up the lunch boxes of my kids with good type of goodies in school, I simply bought biscuits from the healthy food section in the supermarket. They are usually brownish with some visible nuts or raisins sticking out of their rough surface. Then, about 3 years ago, we discovered that my son is gluten sensitive. He had systematic belly aches and sometimes red circles under the eyes after eating biscuits or pasta. Since then filling up the lunch boxes has become my special challenge.

I had to revolutionise my kitchen. First of all I bought a coffee grinder, so I can grind all kind of seeds, flakes and nuts into flower in a blink of a time, and because I can not follow recipes I’ve invented a wide variety of cakes, biscuits and bars in these years. Results followed. My son has gone through a remarkable transformation. Not only his self confidence but his performance in school has improved significantly. Since then the whole family, me upfront, went on low gluten/gluten free, low carb type of eating, and we simply love the energies we gained by doing so. I also can say, that I managed to postpone menopause with couple of years considering my genetic disposal.

Long story short, I ended up baking a lot. Because this cocos-roll you just need to mix and roll, it became my favourite when we went back to school now in September.

In the Hormone Club you receive not only hormone booster exercises but hormonally supporting recipes regularly.

Ingredients for 2 lunch boxes as afternoon snack and a bite for the mom: 1/2 cup finely ground flax seed, 1/2 cup ground almond, 1/2 cup grated dried coconut; 1/4 cup cocos blossom sugar, 1 tee spoon cinnamon powder, 4 tbs cacao powder, 100 grams butter, 2-3 tbs milk.

Mix all ingredients together, roll the balls, turn them into graded coconut and pack.

Do you eat gluten free? Keep checking in here, we are coming out with surprises soon, or ask to receive these recipes in your mailbox!

Eating gluten free, low carb or using alternative types of sugar means you are tackling one of the root causes of many problems that are related to cortisol dysregulation. Because cortisol is an alpha hormone, it has a fundamental impact on all other hormones, especially in reproductive and thyroid hormones.

Apart from choosing the right type of ingredients we perform Endo-Gym exercises to regularise cortisol. Endo-Gym is syncing in with your circadian rhythm, which then all together make you more successful in reversing early menopause, increasing chances of conception, eliminating symptoms of PCOS or ensuring a smooth transition during menopause. When you are working on any of these issues find personal guidance in the Hormone Club! Now for founding member price, 37€ a month.

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